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OC Gates is a reliable gate repair and gate installation company in Orange County. We have years of experience and a fast response time. We are a licensed and bonded company with all the latest equipment and trained professionals to serve you.

Commercial Gate Installation

It is important to have a gate installation expert come to assess your property and help select the best gates. In the case of commercial property security is a big factor. The look does matter but security tends to be the number one concern.
You will want to hire a gate installation company with lots of experience with installation. Your gate being installed to a high standard is imperative. The installation is important and this is not the area to hire just anyone. Ask around and also when you find a company make sure you ask for references. You will want business references, not residential. You want to speak to satisfied customers who had the very gate installation that you desire. Ask them how it went and if they have had any problems with their gates. Ask them how the service was and if the gate installation went smoothly.

Gate repair

Gate repair is important to consider ahead of time especially when your gates being in working order could affect your business. You need to be able to get in and out to conduct business. You don’t want to be trying to scale your own gate to go about your business.
One very important preventative measure you can take is to have your gates checked and serviced twice per year. You can schedule these appointments ahead of time and just put them in the calendar. It is recommended that all commercial gates be serviced twice annually.
You can also regularly check the track for debris and branches and the control panel for bugs and debris. These are small things you can do to prevent problems.

Types of Gates

There are different types of gates or choose from such as sliding, swinging and overhead gates to name a few. Your gate installation expert can help select the best one for your commercial business. It is a personal choice but some gates do work better in particular areas and on certain land better than others.

An experienced gate professional will know what will work best and speak with you about the unique features. You will also have to pick accessories and the gate motor. Again an experienced gate professional will know what works best.

Commercial gates keep your property safe. They keep your items in and undesirable intrusion out. It’s not only theft but also solicitors cannot come in and disrupt business all day tong with a gate. In many cases this is a bigger concern especially in very populated areas where people are canvasing and trying to see things all day long. This makes production go down and is an annoyance.

Privacy and also safety and protection are two of the top reasons people want to install gates on their commercial property. The proper gate selectiongate installation and maintenance can give you these things and more.

Orange County is known for it’s gated communities and gated properties. It is a status symbol and also a security measure that makes people feel good. It gives an added comfort to many people. It will give people more faith in your business and give you peace of mind.

You can also have dogs on your commercial property. Many people have both, gates and dogs. It’s up to you but you will want to have gates that are safe around dogs. You can also add extra security with alarms and such. There are several different ways to go and you can discuss that when a gate care pro comes to assess your needs. You can do a combination of things of simply do automatic gates. You have options and need to look at all possibilities before make a final decision. It is recommended to consult a gate company to walk you through all of these choices and decisions. You can also do some research on your own but it is advised to consult a professional when doing installation and repair.

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