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Automatic gates, articulated, sliding, swing, underground, gate motor, gate opener.

OC Gates provide most of the latest gate features and is a full service gate company located in Orange County. We service areas such as Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Irvine and Laguna Niguel. We also provide new gate installation and gate repair services. We are a reliable, full service licensed and bonded company. We have a quick response time and are available 24/7 for same day service. OC Gates is proficient in all gates types and our technicians are highly trained and experienced.


Types of gates

Automatic gates are classed as working machinery so it is crucial to have them installed properly and checked and serviced on a regular basis. It is recommended that residential gates be checked once per year and commercial gates twice per year. Doing this routine service will actually save you money and keep your electric gate in great working order.

It is very important to hire a reputable gate company. The technicians need to be highly trained and experienced in the installation of all gates and in many different situations and types of property. They need to be proficient in commercial and residential gate installation and understand why one gate is better than another in various scenarios. You want the best for gate installation and gate repair because you will save money over time.


Articulated Gates are used in areas of overhead power lines and cantilevers that would otherwise obstruct a gate arm in an upright position. These gates are very specific certain situations. Their unique feature is that they fold at one third the length as to decrease the vertical position. A gate repair technician will let you know if this is the necessary gate for your needs. Articulated gates are used in very specific situations. In some cases it is the only gate that will work for the area. This gate needs to be installed with precision and by a very experienced gate care professional.



This is by far the most popular system for Automatic Gates. When installed correctly there is virtually no sign of a mechanism other than the lid of the foundation casing. The underground motor can be fitted to most old new and even old gates in steel or wood. The seals and casing are very important to keep your underground gate system running properly. The danger is that moisture, debris or insects could get into the mechanism and impair the performance of your automatic gate. You don’t want that so having a gate installation specialist with years of experience with underground gates is crucial


For sliding gates, you must be able to lay a track across your driveway. These gates are appealing in residential areas because they don’t take up much space and they look nice. The track is a very important gate feature here. You must keep the track clear of branches, debris or any small objects. There is a special brush you can use to regularly clean the track. Keeping your track clean and clear will save you money on gate repair. It only takes a few second to check and see that it is unobstructed by any small object.


Swing Gates

Swing gates are more for businesses because they are space hogs and lots of space is required for the gate to swing out or in.

Gate Motor

One very important part of any electric gate, whether automatic or not, is the gate motor, two motor types exist hydraulic, or electromechanical. All electric gates use a motor of some kind. It is highly recommended that you have a gate installation expert select the gate motor so that it is powerful enough for your gate. Otherwise you will run into problems and costly repairs down the line. For instance in the case of the swing gate wind is a factor so if the motor isn’t powerful enough it could cause you major issues. Articulated gates also need a powerful motor to operate the arm otherwise you will be calling for gate repair much more often than you would like to ands that is not good.


Gate Opener

You can select an A/C charging or solar charging gate opener. There are many styles to choose from and it comes down to preference. However some gate openers are better suited for certain individuals.

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