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San Clemente

San Clemente – gate repair and new gate installation

For any gate installation or gate repair need, it is our pleasure to serve the majestic San Clemente community. Situated midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. It is a popular tourist destination, famed for its Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and hospitality industry. The city features beautiful state beaches with surf breaks and sandstone bluffs. Running along the coast, the Beach Trail offers sea views and green parks.

About the City

San Clemente became nationally and internationally renowned in 1969 when President Richard Nixon bought a vacation home there he called “La Casa Pacifica”, but it was nicknamed the “Western White House”.  

Naturally, the other architectural elements should live up to the city’s beauty and history.

When it comes to installing a new gate, OC Gates has the proficiency and years of experience to match, and even enhance, the aesthetics of San Clemente. Licensed and bonded with offices in multiple locations of Orange County.

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Why Choose Us

OC Gates repairs all types of gatesPlease note: if you have a malfunctioning gate, handle it with extra care: it might open or close without warning, which could cause injury.

Replacing and installing a new gate is a precise endeavor, calling for professionals only. OC Gates safely and efficiently installs any new gate with no complication. The company will guide you in selecting the gate that is right for you. There are a variety of types of gates: Sliding, Swing, Underground and Articulated. OC Gates will evaluate your property and the

neighborhood to help you select the proper gate to your specific needs and desires.  

While security and privacy are typically the main reason for installing gates on one’s property, the savvy homeowner knows that the gate’s look would likely maximize the property’s value and play a significant role in interest at the time of sale. OC Gates will not only deliver excellent gate installation, but will additionally contribute to your property’s curb appeal, and thus its financial value.

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