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Driveway gate repair Orange County

OC Gates is a gate repair licensed and bonded gate repair and gate installation company. We service Orange County cities such as Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Irvine and Costa Mesa to name a few.


People who have driveway gates know that if your gate will not open either you are trapped in or trapped out. This is not a good situation especially when you are either trying to be home and cannot get inside or you have someplace to be and cannot leave. Both are equally undesirable and need to be resolved quickly. You need a company with fast response time and a company that works 24/7. When you get into this predicament that is what matters most of all.

The installation is integral in the good working order of your driveway gate. Even with excellent installation, it may still come up that you need driveway gate repair. When you need it you will want it fast and done right.

There are so many things that can happen to require driveway gate repair. There could be broken locks or hinges. The motor could be in need of replacement or repair. You could have bugs or debris in your control panel or on your track. Bugs and animals can cause issues with wires and the control panel. It is wise to check the control panel from time to time. Take a look at the track for any debris or branches on a regular basis.


It is best to call the company that installed your gate if possible. The best scenario is that you have the same company do the installation and the gate repair. They know all of the features and problems and can fix things efficiently and cheaply too. They will have the proper parts in stock and know the system well.

If you can call the same company that installed the gate or don’t know what company it is then it is recommended that you call a company that does gate installation and gate repair. It is the next best suggestion, at least they know the ins and out of all gates. They will be knowledgeable about all gate types and the usual problems that arise with all gates.

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