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Gate Replacement

Gate replacement Orange County

OC Gates is a gate repair and gate installation company servicing Orange County cities such as Newport Coast and Irvine to name a few. OC Gates is a licensed and bonded company with the latest equipment and experienced technicians.


Automatic gate opener

When selecting an automatic, electric, or solar gate opener, first start with the swing type of your driveway gate. Gate openers have limits on the weights they can support. At Amazing Gates, only our 10 and 12 ft gates are single swing — the rest are bi-parting. The second consideration is the duty cycle of the gate: how much use will the gate get everyday. High use will require a heavier duty gate opener.

Gate motor

Motor replacement will need an expert. Some people do try to do this themselves. I am not saying this cannot be done and I am sure some are successful but it’s best to hire a gate repair or gate replacement specialist.
Electric gate motors control the operation of you electric sliding gate. They are usually located very strategically, above the ground, near the gates or underground. These motors are used for both steel and wooden gates. The motor of any electric sliding gate is much like any other door motor. There is a simple circuit that makes the gate work. Your vehicle is usually fitted with a transmitter that sends a radio signal to a receiver box that is usually mounted close to the gate. The transmitter is in turn wired to a control box. As soon as the radio receives the signal the gate is activated by the control box and the opener arm of the gate slides back to give you access. Once you push the transmitter button again, the control box receives another signal and closes the gate behind you. The role of the motor comes when the circuit is activated. As soon as the circuit is complete, electric current passes through the motor, which activates and begins to roll the opening arm of the gate in or out.


Gate track

You definitely need a gate replacement company to come look at the track. Feel free to check for debris but then call an experienced company.

New Gate

A new driveway gate and opener can easily start at $2,000 and more (not including installation), whereas a manual operated gate can easily cost much less.
Maintenance is a consideration, too. While all gate or fence structures require some level of regular maintenance such as washing off debris or lubricating and adjusting hinges, a mechanically operated gate needs more maintenance to ensure it operates properly.


Keypad Entry

A keypad is a very convenient and safe way to keep your gate secure. They are often seen as being very user-friendly and hassle-free. One of the major benefits of a keypad interface over a card-based interface is that there is no risk of your card being stolen and used by an unauthorized person.
The PIN number that you use to secure your gate will be entirely original and known only to you. In some cases, the pin may be available to maintenance personnel if you decide to hire a security company. This creates a very small window of opportunity for unauthorized people to access your driveway or home.
Keypad entry boxes are also known for being much easier to install and program than card-based entry boxes.

Card Entry

A card-based entry system will require you to have a card to operate your gate. This could be a card that you insert or a card with an RFID chip that is specifically programmed to work with your gate. Due to the unique nature of the card you are issued, a card-based entry system is very difficult to bypass.
Card-based entry systems are also much more difficult to bypass since their controls are not so expressive. The card-based entry system is also very popular with businesses that need to give cards out to a large number of employees.
If an employee quits, his or her card is simply disabled. This means that business owners don’t have to dedicate time to creating and disseminating a new password every time an employee leaves. The card-based entry is considered to be the best option for a multiple-user system.


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